Geocement is a promise to reduce global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emission using various industrial wastes, thus making it an environment friendly Green Product.

Prof.Davidovits an eminent scientist invented this technology in which Silicon (Si) and aluminum (Al)ions in the by-product materials is made to react and the chemical reaction that takes place in this case is a polymerization process and hence product is called “Geopolymers”.

Global warming and environmental protection has become major concern for the world which is due to carbon dioxide (CO2) emission to the atmosphere by human activities.

The environment must be protected by preventing dumping of waste by-product materials in uncontrolled manners and by stopping Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission.


Geo cement & LEED certification:

Kiran Global Geocement would help in enhancing the LEED rate points of the buildings.

Buildings constructed with Kiran Green Geocement would earn additional leed points compared to conventional construction materials.