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MS Jain Group started its journey in the chemical manufacturers industry as a small scale manufacturing unit with the vision to leave its mark as a visionary innovator. From 1979 to this date, the company has grown under the able leadership of founder and Chairman Mr. MS Jain as a leading conglomerate with international presence. We have manufacturing units in more than five countries and our chemicals import- export business spans the five continents.

We are renowned for our seamless supply chain and quick and efficient response to customers. We are the largest manufacturers of sodium silicate in India with annual turnover of 3, 00,000 tonnes. Our manufacturing units are largely setup in South India with Offices in the North India.

Our product range includes chemical intermediaries that have versatile application across several industries including construction, ceramics, textiles, paper, foundries, ceramics, and candles among others. We are fully equipped to meet large scale customer demands with plants and machineries of latest technologies and highly qualified engineers, trained personnel ad domain experts. The organization operates with over 600 direct employees and 300 indirect employees globally. Our state of the art laboratories often work in collaboration with leading research institutes to develop innovative solutions.

The companies aim is to deliver market-driven products that enhance process at minimum environment cost.


“My ambition is to establish Kiran Global Chems Ltd. as a market leader in the global chemical industry and to achieve this goal through innovative technologies, industry best practices and economic soundness.

My greatest joy lies in enabling people achieve their ambitions and moulding fresh talent into successful individuals. Every opportunity I get to guide an individual in attaining their goals I embrace as an opportunity to learn something new and grow personally.

In my view, a good organisation is one that does not deviate from its growth curve in spite of temporary setbacks. I am proud of our company’s achievement in attaining the number one position in India and confident that we shall continue to hold this spot for a long time.”

“They, who perform their work offering all results to me, Who hold their hearts and mind steadfast in me in whatever they do, who worship their work, to them I offer the platform. Doubt it not that they will inexorably reach the top.” BHAGWAT GITA 12.6/12.8


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